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I believe in using all the tools in my toolbox to help you on your road to wellness.  This means I tailor each session according to your needs.  Your treatment selection helps me best prepare for your session.

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Swedish Massage: Light to Moderate pressure massage using long flowing strokes and gentile kneading.  Used to sooth stress, general tension and produce deep relaxation.


Therapeutic Massage:  Medium to firm pressure used to address everyday aches and pains.  Generally an all over body session. 


Deep Tissue: Strong, Deep massage often using elbows, forearms, and thumb-points to address areas of chronic pain.


Sports Massage:  Usually incorporates some Deep tissue techniques as well as assisted stretching.


Reflexology:  30 and 60 minute sessions only.  Incorporates pressure point work to the feet (sometimes hands and ears) to stimulate the body's internal systems through established energy pathways.


Pregnancy:  Utilizes special positioning and techniques to safely massage the expectant mother.  I typically do not recommend this in the first trimester.


Himalayan Hot Salt Stone:  Incorporates external heat to help soothe tired muscles.  Heat stimulates blood flow to the tissue which brings with it vital oxygen and nutrients to help healing.  Himalayan Salt Stones also add important minerals such as Magnesium which help calm muscle spasms.



30 Minute Massage (Not recommended for full body treatment) - $65


60 Minute Massage - $100


90 Minute Massage - $130


120 Minute Massage - $160


NEW - Silver Discount: Clients age 65+, get 12% discount on Massage Services.  (Cannot be combined with other discounts)



NOTE: This location is a historical building that is NOT ADA accessible


Add-On Services: 


Cupping  : This is a great add-on service to any Therapeutic, Deep Tissue or Sports Massage.  Silicon cups are used to create a mild to moderate suction on the skin.  This suction can be used to release restrictions in fascia, promote circulation, stimulate the nervous system and more. - $10


Hydrating Hand / Foot Therapy :

This paraffin-free treatment incorporates a deeply moisturizing blend of nut-butters and plant oils which are melted in a heated glove / bootie to nourish dry chapped hands / feet and sooth aching joints.  Great for Arthritis! This treatment is a wonderful addition to any service. No Additional Time - $10


Therapeutic Oil Upgrade: Enhance your service! This therapeutic blend can help you get more out of every session. Full body application can be added to any service except reflexology or pregnacy massage. - $10


Kinesiology (Athletic) Taping Session: Taping is used to help stabilize Muscles and Joints.  It is very beneficial in treating overuse and repetitive strain injuries.  Highly recommended for athletes as well as those suffering from chronic pain issues such as Plantar Fasciitis or Tendinitis.   Click here for more information. - $10



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