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Accepting New Clients  Beginning October 1st through December 31st 2022

Any guests who wish to see my plan for keeping my clients safe is welcome to look at my detailed daily sanitation plan. I welcome any feedback you may have. - Rebecca
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Vermont Professional Conduct Standards
Massage Therapists in the State of Vermont are required to be registered as of April 1st, 2021. Regulation compliance requires that I make the following information available in regards to professional conduct standards as well as how to file a complaint should you deem it necessary.
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August 25, 2022


Dear Client,


As you are well aware, the current economy and supply chain issues have had a big impact to small businesses such as mine. Therefore, after much consideration, I am choosing to raise my prices for the first time since opening. Prices will be going up by a flat $10 across the board with the exception of Add-ons. However, I am also instituting a Seniors Discount of $10 which will allow all clients over the age of 65 to stay at the current rate. These changes will be effective October 1st 2022. Services booked before that day, even if they will be received after October 1st, will still be honored at my current pricing.


Additionally, I will again be opening my practice to new clients from October 1st through the end of the year. I do not have plans to publicly advertise this fact at this time. This is your chance to finally get your friends and loved ones in to see me. Once a client has been seen in office, or has a gift certificate purchased in their name, they are no longer considered “new” and can continue to book services for future dates. If you are receiving this email, even if you have not been in in a while, you are not considered “new” and can book at any time. I know availability may still be an issue, but I encourage you to book services in advance and/or use the wait-list feature whenever possible.


Lastly, I am excited to announce a great new product line that I have brought in for retail. Farmhouse Fresh has a great line of clean, high quality skincare, and commitment to give back through animal rescue efforts. I encourage you to check out the company and their full product line at  and feel free to ask for samples of the products I’m carrying.



As always, it is my honor and privilege to work with you. I hope to see you soon.











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